In his hubris, he worked with Secretary Hartley, Admiral Pillar, etc.

Then a paid assassin tries to kill them both.

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The new series is streaming on Amazon Prime, which offers a 30-day free. Season 1. The Terminal List: Season 1.



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KIAs and chaos, guns blasting and comms failing.

Episode 3: “Consolidation”. “Encoding” begins, as it should, in the immediate aftermath of Lauren.

The Terminal List season 1, episode 5 recap. Jul 5, 2022.

Join best-selling author and Danger Close host Jack Carr for an insider’s look at the #1 series on Amazon Prime Video, The Terminal List starring Chris Pratt.
The Terminal List season 1, episode 1 recap.

The festivities kicked off with Mr.

Struggling with memory.

As The Terminal List Episode 8 (“Reclamation”) begins, Reece and Ben get the call they’ve. Jeff Probst discusses the future of the Survivor reunion show. YMMV.

A former Navy SEAL officer investigates why his entire platoon was ambushed during a high-stakes covert mission. . season 1, episode 5 recap. . Jeff Probst discusses the future of the Survivor reunion show.


. As he struggles to readjust to civilian life, new, unsettling evidence about the ambush—and its.

Here’s a quick sitrep on where Reece’s war in the streets stands at the outset of The Terminal List Episode 4.

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As he sits in his RV van, waiting for Ben to come back after changing his appearance, he notices that both of their faces have been plastered on the small screens.